Instagram = 34% apr

I imagine I’m one of the last few generations that remembers a time without, the internet, WiFi and social media. I can remember not being able to use the internet if my mum was on the landline. Going on a night out without a camera phone. My first holiday to Magaluf, when I was 17, over 15YEARS AGO {well that’s Uber depressing} with actual disposable cameras! How times have changed, in such a short space of time.

I honestly do feel sorry for the teenagers and youngens of today. Growing up with Facebook, Twitter and mainly Instagram. There every move documented on there. But the main thing being, how they’ll never grow up without comparing themselves to others. It’s just part of normal life now. And as an adult, I’m guilty of doing the same thing. Looking at peoples perfect pictures and deciding they have the best life ever! But I’m not 14/15/16 years of age, where, since the age of 12 this has been burnt into my brain! When I was growing up, the only things I really had to ‘compare’ myself against where either my friends, who are all dogs 😂 So I always felt high on life. Or magazines, so I could look at the pictures and think ‘oh but she’s a celeb’ but nowadays, all the kids are looking at other girls there age, size 8, perfect hair, with professionally done make up. So it is their real life. They really do have it quite shit and don’t even know it. Instead it will creep in as some kind of anxiety or depression. It’s a whole new minefield for parents of teenagers.

I’m a big fan of social media. Instagram being my first love. First of all, it’s my way to vent. I don’t ever try and make it all doom and gloom. Because I think life already has enough of that. And I for one, can’t stand doom and gloom people. They zap me of any positive energy! So I try and vent and make light of the dog shitness!

Then I enjoy being nosey and looking at everyone’s photos. Peoples homes, what they’re wearing! All the usual stuff. And then every now and then I can convince myself, that these strangers lives are perfect. And mine is so wank! I have a couple of people/accounts that give me this envy, more than any others! God knows why.

It’s actually crazy, how we look at one photo and make the most wild assumptions! One photo! And we decide that someone has the most perfect relationship/children/home, car or whatever! But how our brain comes up with all of this, by looking at a photo.

Yet in every day real life, we know that everyone has some kind of shit going on. But when scrolling on Instagram, we lose common sense.

I think I’m pretty honest, i don’t try to be wanky with anything I post! I don’t feel like a wanky person … But even I get on my hands and knees and sweep all the boys toys, out of the way of the wall, I like to take photos of them In front of! My kitchen table mostly houses folded washing all week. But when I’m putting up my photos of balloons and bunting, I’ll put it away. I personally don’t like looking at other peoples shit, so I wouldn’t want people to look at mine. Instagram does make me want to be a better person. Otherwise I’d be living in squalor 😂

I’m a lot better at looking at posts with ‘common sense’ now. When I see someone posting a picture of their nails, with a fuck off rolex. I think oh grow up. If you want to post a photo of your watch, just own it! Or an insta video listening to some shady music In their car, letting us know it’s a BMW, Mercedes, Range or any other desirable car. Again, I think ok, grow up you flash mug. I think the older you get, the less you are impressed with such shite. Especially, living in Essex, it can be quite poncey. And I’ve been around all this flash Harry’s since the land of time. In the words of Shania, they don’t impress me much. Do I want to own a Rolex but still live at home with my mum … no I don’t. Do I want to drive a Range Rover but still rent my house, no I don’t. I totally get, people work hard and like nice things. But I really don’t understand why anyone would want to own a 20k watch … and defo don’t get the need to own more than one!

If I wanted to drive a Range Rover, I could, just like everyone else round here. Just like they do. But having it on finance. Which, listen I don’t judge. But when it’s all they post about, I’m embarrassed for them. Get a personality. We can all live our best lives on tick!

Then all these beautiful bombshells that can make you feel like a dog, as soon as you see them. But have you noticed they all have the same creamy smooth skin … I’m all for an Instagram filter. But I can honestly say I’ve never ‘face tuned’ or airbrushed my photos. Mainly because, you actually do have to leave the house … so I’d rather someone think, she’s a dog in her photo and real life. Rather than see me out an about. And think, fuck me she looks nothing like her photos. I see such people on the regular. And without sounding mean, I look at them and think ‘you’re ropey as fuck in real life’. And it’s because everything they put up is make believe. They can’t even be content with getting a make up artist, to do their make up on a standard Friday night. And it’s because Instagram makes us believe, only perfection is acceptable. We only put up our best photos!

The same with all these donuts that post # The boy did good. And the love of my life shit. Then they split up with the love of their life and a month later, they’re with another love of their life. Using the exact same captions 😎 I die inside for them. This is another con of growing up in the age of social media. All your relationships are put out there. Although I know a few ‘oldies’ that do the exact same thing. New boyfriend every few months and fall in love within a day 🙄

I follow a few people who I don’t know personally. But friends of friends would know, so gossip goes down Party People. Let me tell you. So when I see one particular gal posting about her amazing boyfriend, I think but he steals money off you … and you know about it? So that’s the opposite of amazing. Now I’m not saying, she should write ‘my boyfriends a thief’ as her caption. BUT don’t post about how amazing he is, trying to convince the world that you are # Couple Goals!

My point being, don’t measure the value of your relationship or SELF against one photo on social media. It’s all bullshit. Look at it with your eyes wide open. Don’t hate your baby daddy because he hasn’t gifted you a Rolex for your push present. Instead think, I’m so glad my baby daddy didn’t take out a finance on a watch, to make me happy for 1 day. But then moan every month that, he’s got so much to pay for 🤗 I’m not saying everyone’s living on finance. Coz some people are proper minted but most people are not, they’re just trying to keep up with those real life minted people. Champagne lifestyle on lemonade money …

Don’t let Instagram actually affect your mental health!!! We all, only share what we want people to know!!!! So count YOUR own blessings and not someone else’s!

Peace out. Step in the name of love.

Alabama Lola💡

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3 thoughts on “Instagram = 34% apr

  1. “Ropey as fuck in real life” 🤣🤣🤣. You’re spot on with this blog. I’m so grateful to have raised my teenagers during “dial up internet” technology as they are 32, 30 and 25 now. I work in education and parents have so much more on their plate with teenagers today. Keep up the good work keeping it real. It’s a tough job today. 💪🏻

  2. Our daughters are 18 and 16 and thankfully don’t go in for all the Insta perfect shit, but the struggle to raise them that way was off the scale. It certainly wasn’t something that I thought would be a problem when I birthed them both!!!! Another great blog Lauren xxx

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