A boy named Sue: Baby names.

Yo Yo Yo, in the words of Johnny Cash.

‘Son, this world is rough. And if a mans Gona make it, he’s gotta be tough. And I knew I wouldn’t be there to help ya along. So I give ya that name and said goodbye’

This week, Maximus’ godfather was over, he was mucking about with the kids. Being all rough and play fighting. He said something about Bear needing to be tough, with a ‘name like that’ 😱 It honestly didn’t and doesn’t bother me, as I know I’ve called my son Bear. I was like, oh shut up, he’ll be fine. First of all, it’s not as though he will be the only child of his age, with some … stupid name 😂

I originally liked the name Bear, when I was a vessel for Maximus. But wasn’t brave enough to call him it. Don’t get me wrong, I was also set on Jesse, then when I see him, I was like ‘EURGH. He is not pretty enough to be a Jesse, he looks like a white Chris Eubank’ 😱 Then, when I had Bear, 0 fucks were given. BUT I knew, that people would have something to say about it. I was talking to my mother at the time of growing Bear, so she didn’t hold back in letting me know, that it was a stupid name and she wouldn’t be calling him it. She said she would tell People his name was Teddy. I let her know, that i did not care for opinion. So she could shut the fuck up. Although, I’m not quite as rude, when the divvy Doctors receptionist tells me ‘ well that’s a name’. Every now and then, I think, I didn’t even give the poor fucker a middle name 😭 BUT then as I said, he’s not going to be the only child with an ‘out there name’ it’s a sign of the times. So he’ll be grand and if ‘Noah P’ in his school, gets all lemon, then he will have permisson to kidney dig the mug 💃🏻 I say ‘Noah P’ because I didn’t want to name my children and there be 3 other kids in their class with the same name. However, I imagine to an extent, this will happen with Maximus. But it won’t bother me as much. AS his name is MAXIMUS! Not Max. Not that I mind the name. But that’s not what i think or know him as. No one calls him Max, apart from the baby daddy’s divvy uncle, when writing a card. And before you say it, yes I’m sure when he goes to school, his mates will call him Max 😭 I can only hope, he corrects them. Which again I know is not Gona happen 😭😭😭 And Cheryl Cole royally fucked me over, when she named her kid Bear 🙄 Less than ideal.

Me and the baby daddy found it really hard to agree on names. The first one he came up with and really wanted, was …. ALLAN. Yes ALLAN. Obvs after himself, the baby daddy’s name is Allan in case you wasn’t in the know. He was named after his dad when he was born. But that was in 1984, so an acceptable name. Also, his dad is now a crack head, soooooo Nar. Don’t get me wrong, he’s the only crack head I would talk to. But crack head none the less. So my answer was hell no, in fact my exact words were ‘This baby hasn’t done anything wrong, yet! So why are we going to punish him straight away, by naming him Allan, little baby Allan’. And I’m not about name tributes to be honest, Maximus and Bear don’t have middle names for this reason. I did try for my surname as there middle names but he was having none of that 🙄 The other names he gave as suggestions were just as stupid. So they never even made the potential list.

In nursery related news. Maximus is starting a pre school in a few weeks 😭 The same one Frey goes too, Peta’s little boy (my BFF) so a newsletter was sent out to parents, welcoming the new pupils starting, there names being; Maximus, Hunter, Phoenix and Presley. So if that isn’t a sign of the times, I don’t know what is. I said it sounds like they’re announcing the fighters going into the coliseum 😂

Obviously, I’m of an age now where everyone is banging out babies. So you hear of people naming their babies all the time, top that with Social media. So then when moi and my BFFs are together, it comes up in conversation. Then it’s the norm to give your opinion. So the ‘oh I like that’, ‘that’s fucking pathetic’, ‘Who names their kid that’, ‘they named her what’ are things that you say. And then I have to check myself and make it known, really I can’t have an opinion. Who am I to slag off someone for naming their child ‘Audrey’ (I’m watching coronation street)😂when I called mine Bear.

I think whatever floats your boat. Go for it. BUT don’t be naming your child an unordinary name and then getting the hump when people have something to say. I’m not saying, people should be so forthcoming with shock or dislike but it will happen. Old people defo do not care on giving their 2pence worth 🙄 And if you are one of those people, then you’re a gimp. And should grow up.

And the naming your baby before it arrives, always amazes me as well. I mean when people, go as far to start referring to the baby on social media by their chosen name. Or decorating their room and having the babies name on sign put up, buying personalised clothes with name on. It blows my mind, how can people be so sure! When the baby comes out, they think the baby looks like they thought! As I said, I was pretty set on Jesse for Maximus but then as soon as I saw him, I knew he didn’t look like a Jesse! I know babies have to grow into a names, so they don’t ever look like a name I suppose. Yet it still is mad to me, that you could be so certain. Maybe it’s because I’m such an indecisive person. Again, each to their own.

I think when it comes to all aspects of parenting. So naming them, breastfeeding/bottle feeding, what you dress them in, the nappies you use, how you discipline them, the list goes on! You have to be confident in everything you do. Otherwise you are open to criticism on everything. So be strong Party People, think, feel it and speak it. Then you’ll be limited on the number of people piping up. I promise ya. I won’t go on about that, mainly coz I’m running out of ideas, so I’ll leave that for another time 💃🏻

So to round up, name your baby what you want Party People. And let’s all try and stop being as judgey. But don’t go all out there and then in 20somthing years time, be outraged that it affects there chances of becoming Prime Minister. Hopefully Maximus and Bear want to be unlicensed boxers, gypsies or have outstanding acting ability 💁🏻‍♀️

Peace out. Islands in the stream. Working 9-5, what a way to make a living. Jolene, Jolene, jolene, Joleneeeeeee.

Alabama Lola 🐻Ⓜ️

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9 thoughts on “A boy named Sue: Baby names.

  1. Brilliant! I had the audacity to name our child Alexandra: “Oh that’s a long name” or “That’s a mouthful”. And no she’s not Alex…. Don’t even dare! Oh & Amazon, how dare you name your Echo ‘Alexa’. Literally every time I call my daughter that blasted thing answers me back… as if it isn’t bad enough the 11yo having wise-crack answers, Alexa adds her penny’s worth!

  2. Had this exact thing with my daughter, her names ‘Bertie’ (she’s almost 8 now) a few comments when we named her, which I shrugged off until the woman in Clark’s asked her name and when I told her she said ‘what sort of name is that?’ So I unleashed on her and can now never go back in again 😂 but hey ho!

  3. Love love love this! As a new mam I see the judgey (if that’s a word) looks when you announce your baby’s name! My little Boy is called Milo. Not a lot of people have heard of it or you get asked “where did you get that from?” I just smile. Can’t be arsed with it and I bloody love his name. Loving the blogs on “mumlife” as I can now relate 👌🏻

  4. My aunty works in a well known northern children’s hospital and we often take great delight in finding out what unusual names she has come across. My personal favourites are Placenta, Chlamydia and La-a (pronounced Ladasha)…we don’t reckon a little baby # is too far off!

  5. I have a Teddy and a Jude (boys). I don’t give a shit what people think about their names…I love them. And no, he’s not an ‘Edward’ his name is Teddy…yes that’s what’s on his birth certificate….🙄🙄 xx

  6. I’ve a son called Jesse, he’s an absolute tart! Pretty & a big girl (drives me mental, my girls have bigger bollox) their dad named our fifth… Autumn Lilac! Peoples faces when I tell them are priceless as they try hide the fact they hate it but f**k um, our kids our choice she can hate us later 🤣

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