Keeping up with the Joneses.


When you’re as popular as moi & my kids. You could go as far to say, faces. We are faces on the scene. πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Birthdays seem to be every other week! So this week, my baby Mamma crew & I had a little whatsapp chat and decided to set some rules. Boring I know BUT most important. There are 13 kids within my baby Mumma crew alone, plus 2 more on the way πŸ™„ Before this week, we would usually all chip in for a present, that our ‘treasurer’ had spent time looking for, she’s mucho thoughtful. Whereas I’m useless, I never know what to get my own offspring, let alone someone else’s. And we’re not talking about a box of play doh. We’re talking, Karaoke machines, personalised micro scooters, the list goes on. Anything for these underprivileged children πŸ™„

2018 however is new year, new us! We’ve decided that Β£10 from each of us, is suffice for each child. So, I think there’s 6 of us baby mummas, meaning Β£60 worth of spends going forward. Which to me, is more than enough.

For me, Maximus and Bear have more than enough, too much in fact. Taking away moi and the baby daddy, they have 4 aunties and 3 uncles, plus boyfriends/girlfriends that contribute, a nan and grandad here and there, Mac, her sisters, then they have a Peta on top of that, who is rich and generous. So they clean the fuck up at birthdays! So I honestly don’t need, for other people to then spend more money on them! I know we all love buying presents and gifting people BUT it’s really got out of hand.

Where have the days gone where you were invited to a kids party, so someone you know of but not best friends with. And Β£10 in a card was enough! Oh no, now you write the card out, put a Β£10 note in, then think I can’t just put that in, they’ll think we’re being rude, tight and all other shite. Now we’re putting Β£20 in as a standard amount 😱 Or chipping in to buy Douglas a fucking iPad. And it’s all just for show, to keep other parents happy. Well not on my watch anymore.

I really am not playing the game anymore. I remember a while back ‘Myleene i sell everything Klass’ tweeted something about a child’s parent, sending out a letter, with some kind of gift list requests. At her daughters school. So I feel, until someone decides to buck the trend, it’s just going to carry on, getting worse!

The baby mummas and I have said, we would much rather spend money on doing things together! Renting beach huts, going to the zoo and etc. Kids are not cheap Party People. And listen, I like a kid as much as the next person. But having to put Β£20/Β£30 of my Money (baby daddy’s money) In a card for their birthday, is soul destroying!

I don’t want Maximus and Bear to be spoilt little bastards. When in reality they already are! If I think of all the things they just get, for no reason now. We go into Sainsbury’s, Maximus sees a toy, if it’s under Β£10, it’s more than likely he would get it πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Because id tell myself, he’s sitting nicely in the trolly. WHOOPY FUCKING DO! That’s life, you sometimes have to sit in a trolley and behave in public. So why do I reward such shite! SURPRISE EGGS, I think they’re pretty much a pound these days, yet i pick them up like a penny sweet. So they’re already living their best Kk! uk, that’s all without other people spoiling them on the regular. I’m pretty sure this is the case for most kids. So let’s not pretend I’m the only person doing it.

So I’m going old school, back to the 90’s/00’s when you could gift a packet of blow pens, that we had about 5 massive boxes of, that lived in our garage, until everyone in Essex had been gifted them, by me and my brothers, when we attended any birthday party.πŸ˜‚ I think they had fallen off the back of a lorry and my dad or uncle decided to give them to a loving home.

So let’s stop this stupid trend and pretending we’re all billy big balls, flash with the cash and all that jazz. You keep your Β£20 and I’ll keep mine. This makes far better sense.

Over and out.

Alabama Lola 🐝

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5 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Joneses.

  1. Omg i have just read this!! It is so much like me and my oh!! Hes got such a short fuse so sometimes i just for fun ignite it!! .. Anyways i usually see people ask why your together if its that bad & the song β€˜true love’ from pink popped into my head, Mainly because me & my oh decided that was our song!! Which i could say seems fitting

  2. Treasurer right here πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Another top notch post πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’‹

  3. Ahahahaha….class as always and right on the money, I don’t have children but OMG when I see what some little people are getting it’s unbelievable, and you’re right it’s out of hand….πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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